Car battery installation in Dubai

Car battery installing in Dubai

Car battery installing in Dubai

There is good news that Dubai Road Assistance experts take almost 1 to 2 hours to replace the old batter and install new car battery. So if you are in hurry then choose our experts for car battery installation in Dubai.

Of course, the timing depends on the mechanic`s availability and if they have the right battery for your car. Although we have a wide variety of car batteries at Dubai Road Assistance still we need to check the exact model of battery for your car. We here at Dubai Road Assistance company has all types of new batteries on hand for common makes and models.’

Therefore, if you are driving car of common model then your whole car process of battery replacement within 1 hour. In this way you have plenty of time to pick up your children hopefully.

Before starting the process of battery replacement make sure that all electrical equipment is turned off like ignition system, air-conditioning, lights and CD player. Also remove your car keys from ignition system and if your car has a Frequency Operated Button (FOB) with keyless entry, the FOB of your car should be 2 meters clear of the vehicle. These step are necessary for car battery installing in Dubai Road Assistance.

There are some cars in Dubai in which car battery installing process is a tricky one especially cars with computerized electrical system. In such cars disconnecting the battery remove all the memory from the engine control module (ECM), transmission control module (TCM), clock radio, security codes and navigation systems. In such cases we have specialized experts who can install new battery in your car without losing the memory. They plug a power source into the cigarette lighter socket, OBD (on board Diagnostic) plug or using jumper cables on the plus terminal lead and earth with the car body.

Removal of old Car Battery (Car battery installing in Dubai)

Following steps are involved in the removal of old batter from the car:

a) Note down positive terminal and mark positive cable

b) First try to remove negative terminal and this will help in avoidance of damage to car wiring and improve the heath of car battery.

c) Then remove the positive terminal

d) Then finally remove the battery from the car.

New Battery Installation

Following steps are taken by our company “Dubai Road Assistance” for Car battery installing process:

a) First of all check battery height

b) Inspect tray and other car body parts for corrosion below the battery. If it is required scrub the area with warm water and baking soda.

c) If there is corrosion paint with acid proof paint.

d) Terminals should be cleaned properly and brushed.

e) All cable connections should be checked.

f) Then carefully place new battery in the tray of the car and properly check its level and position.

g) Place and tighten the battery in the tray.

h) Replace cables, ensuring positive cable is first followed by the negative. Tighten connections.


Above is the whole process for car battery installing in Dubai.

We believe that we are the best car replacement company in Dubai and Sharjah.

If you need Car battery installing in Dubai then call us at Car battery installing in Dubai:

+971 56551 8218


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